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  1. origamiluke100 says:

    Secret easter egg in episode 3 : When tommy is talking too mike in the background it says spinjitzu studios

    • The Evil Jawa says:

      I actually didn’t mean to film it like that, but that where I sat down and filmed it. In Spinjitzu Studios.

  2. Gage says:


  3. Robby says:

    I love ninjago

  4. lukeskypaper says:

    in the trailer for episode 3 tom is holding up some cind of instrux

  5. yodadude275 says:


  6. SF Tom says:

    i meen episode vi

  7. yodadude275 says:


  8. SuperFolder JC says:

    Hey guys, I’m sorry to say, I had to make the videos private until further notice. Episode V will be coming soon, but you can no longer see the episodes prior to it. (So, each episode gets ONE WEEK where it can be viewed…. but after that, sorry!)

  9. Ishan says:

    Is there going to be a new book coming out beside art2-d2?

  10. AWESOMENESS says:

    YEAH!!! It’s basicly like “oh boy! I can’t wait to see a video!’ And then when it’s about to start, all it shows you is “DARG!!! PRIVATE!!!”

  11. WOOKIEATTACK265039428 says:

    Why are the private

  12. SuperFolderJordan says:

    How can you watch the videos?

  13. Willy Wonka fan 1# says:

    That Ridiculous!!!!! 😡

  14. soon-to-be-Superfolder Darth Ewok says:

    PLASTIC DINOSAURS……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. theamazinglavaguy says:

    Episode VI, Nice yoda accent when you said “What do you think, hmm?”, JC!

  16. Nonomous says:

    They shouldnt be private stooky.

  17. asher says:

    the newest one, the tragic death, is great. so much better than the others

  18. Sf Robby says:

    Did anyone notice that in episode 2, Dwight is wearing pajamas.

  19. Gage says:

    episode V is cheeto hag duh special guest mr good clean fun and soapy the monkey

  20. Jackson says:

    Whoa! just watched episode IV you met Tom STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY

  21. sf yodadude275 says:

    why is there not episode V?

  22. Sf Robby says:

    Have people ever cursed on the comments when you posted these on YouTube? If so, then what the heck is wrong with them.

  23. SF DJ/Daniel says:

    Let me guess music 4 Tragic Death…
    Beginning- The Order 66 music from Ep. 3
    Harvey Calling Dwight Loser- The mask going onto Anakin from Ep. 3
    The End This is?- Qui-Gon’s Body burning thing from Ep. 1
    Is that right? I’ve only seen part of Phantom Menace and Part of RoTS

  24. sf yodadude275 says:

    what is the password for? a post with special news?
    how can you get the password?

  25. Jarrett Tyree says:

    Hey, why aren’t the bonus episodes on here?
    (Look on youtube for them)

  26. origami358 says:

    When is Origami Yoda and the Twist going to be on?

  27. origami358 says:

    And has anyone thought there maybe should be a “Fortune Wookiee Series”?

    • DJ Fett says:

      That’s a good idea! They could use the pre-printed F.W. paper! And I have a cool Han Foldo Template coming soon…

  28. The dark lord says:

    The surprise attack of jAbba the puppet is coming agust 6

  29. andrew says:

    what is the password anyway and why is it private

  30. oman276 says:


  31. darthcjdude says:

    the password is: week

  32. sf yodadude275 says:

    i tried it and it didnt work ill try again

  33. sf yodadude275 says:

    never mind i figured it out the first letter is a capital not a lowercase

  34. origami358 says:

    When does OY and the Twist come out?

  35. darthcjdude says:

    hey JC! (And all the other SFs who are in the series) my mom saw that I was whacthing this and she called the SFs in the epiode nerds…

  36. Bob says:

    Hi I think it pretty cool you got tom angleberger in the first ep. but are you guys doing this movie by sending in videos to one person who puts the whole thing together because parts of it are in widesceen and parts of it are in the way you record with an ipod. when your recording make sure to hold your ipod sideways it just makes the video look better. Sorry if i sound mean but i’m just trying to help. other than that and some of the acting (Whoever was caroline did great!) this series is pretty good.

  37. origami358 says:

    When’s Darth Paper coming out as a series?

  38. SF Eggbert says:

    Where is Episode V?And when will DP:TS episode 1 come out?

  39. I know this is kinda off topic but why is the EU site privated? I try to go on but then it says I can’t access it unless I have permission. Sorry if this is kinda off topic.

  40. It said new episodes in April. I guess the series is dead. 😦

    • SF Eggbert says:

      No, it’s just late.

      • SuperFolder JC says:

        My iPad died in a tragic explosion….(actually, hair spray spilled on it).
        And it was so close to being finished, too….. a good four-to-five minute episode!
        But don’t worry, ORIGAMI YODA AND DARTH PAPER is going very well along in production!
        We have some other big episodes coming up, and we may just be releasing Hummingbird Hawk-Moth above schedule!
        And don’t even get me started on the on-location shoot! Tommy, Harvey, Kellen, Caroline, and Dwight’s actors all in one place, WITH TOM?????? This is gonna be big!

    Go to that link. Reblog it on every site you can. Let everyone know to pray for Darkinvader to pull through and stop hearing voices. He needs help. From us. Post it on the EU, Megan/Phread’s site, and everywhere else you can.

  42. What about my brief clip! In the bow tie!

  43. Production errors
    1.Tommy’s actor
    in tragic death is clearly on a face time call.
    2.In this scene the backround is visible Yoda and Darth paper meet Harvey says “his sixth grade year” when it states previously in origami Yoda both series and books they are in sixth for origami Yoda and seventh for Darth paper.
    4. In the third series of season 1 you can see in Tommy’s room spinjitzustudios
    5.yoda from episodes 2-3 3-4 6-Darth paper are all different.
    6.Dwight has aged way to rapidly between tragic death and Darth paper.
    7. (No racism ment) Dwight has swaped races

  44. SF Eggbert says:

    Dude, if you don’t have anything NICE to say, don’t say anything!

  45. SF Eggbert says:

    Season Two is SO cool! How did you do the animated doodles and the Star Wars themes in the background?

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      The animated doodles come courtesy of iMovie! And the Star Wars themes, those just took a LOT of editing and the help of some free apps.

  46. SF Eggbert says:


  47. sfrockhopper says:

    I’m still Ben in season two, right?

  48. Diego says:

    Can i be someone????

  49. jesuscervantes1111 says:


  50. McRobloxian says:

    I think this is dead

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