Meet the Director, SuperFolder CJ!

SuperFolder CJ is the director and writer of Fold of the Rings: The Series.

Quote: Zowa Waffles with Syrup and all kinds of Stooky stuff!


5 Responses to Meet the Director, SuperFolder CJ!

  1. Eli says:

    are you really making a movie? do you have a cast? is it going to be in theaters?can i try out to be in the movie? Edward or Jacob? why am i asking all these questions?

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      An Origami Yoda or Fake Mustache movie? Well, it’s not in theaters… But Origami Yoda: The Series is on YouTube! Check out Web-i-Sodes!

  2. SuperFolder JC says:

    And….. if you’d like to be in the cast……. Just check out the “Casting Call!” post.

  3. asher says:

    cant wait for next episode

  4. darthcjdude says:

    wooo! goo SF CJ! your drawings rule! youre sooo stooky!

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