Watch Fold of the Rings: The Series right here!



  1. DJ Fett says:


  2. Wow. Volume was down, but you guys are gooooooooooooood… BEST VIDEO EVA!!!!! Besides OY The Series ofmcourse

  3. Purse Girl says:

    Thank you SF CJ. when are you going to send in the next episode lines.

  4. sf nick the great says:

    I wish I can be in it because its so stooky.

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  6. kristinburns says:


  7. matthew says:


  8. origamiluke100 says:

    stooky! Sounds good (Nice job playing me CJ!)

  9. sf yodadude275 says:

    But it was random with the YAAAAAAAY at the end.

  10. SF Gandalf says:

    I made an Origami Gandalf and I’m going to write a story about his adventures!

  11. Episode II is almost finished!

  12. Purse Girll says:

    When do u think it will be done

  13. Purse Girl says:

    How long till episode 2 is done?

  14. Peachpanda246 says:

    Hold on… Durins Bane and Sauron are in the Fellowship? ‘One does not simply’ allow the enemy into the fellowship. But I don’t wanna be a Harvey! I still love the series!

    • SuperFolder CJ says:

      Thanks! And also, I just added the origami bad guys cause they fit each wielder’s personality (funny how its the girls who wield them… LOL).

  15. Purse Girl says:

    Please email my script soon
    My new email is

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  17. Weaver says:

    Will anyone be in tennessee for the jabba party?

  18. K says:

    What happened 2 FOTR3?

  19. SF Eggbert says:

    Where’s the third episode?

  20. SF Eggbert says:

    Is Episode 4 coming soon?

  21. Diego says:

    I was wondering if i could have a part? It would be very STOOKY

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