The Fold of the Rings: The Series

Hey guys!  SF CJ here, with some news.  I am going to make…. FOLD OF THE RINGS: THE SERIES!  Characters like Peter, Malcom, and Peyton will be fighting with their  stooky origami characters against the mean eighth graders!  And here’s the best part:


Just look at the FotR: TS Casting Call page and find the character you want to be!  Then you can audition by sending an email to and tell me why you want to both at character.  If you get the part, then youll get a script with your lines on it.  Then film yourself saying your lines and send the clips to me!  Good luck and May the Fold be with you!



27 Responses to The Fold of the Rings: The Series

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  2. Noah says:

    CJ, I sent JC my audition for Peter. Ask him if he can email it to you.

  3. Sf Robby says:

    YES!!! The actual story got confusing. Now I can finnaly understand!

  4. Purse Girl says:

    I am in the series but what does shreddon look like? cause im gonna make him for my line…”Shreddon…nice.”

    • He’s an origami Eye of Sauron. He pretty much looks like an eye of fire. He’s also the main villain in Lord of the Rings.

    • Purse Girl says:

      ok i will look him up, and my mom is wondering about you, she thinks you are an adult and why you aren’t in school. so unless you can persuade her you are a kid, i won’t be able to do it, but i really want to do this so can you explain to my mom like i didn’t tell you all this. i will try to persuade her into watching the series to see what you look like.

  5. Purse Girl says:

    Thank you for your help, i can now be in the show, i will send you my video right after school.

  6. DJ Fett says:

    CJ, can I be Peter again for Season 2?


  8. sf yodadude275 says:

    WHAT?? WHERE?!?

  9. tommylomax says:

    Can I Be In The Next Episode? That Would Be Stooky! New Character Name: Peter!
    Tommy Lomax,
    Official SF!

  10. tommylomax says:

    Sorry, New Name Taken! How About Sean?
    Tommy Lomax

  11. Blintz the knives! Fold the forks!
    Burn the bottles and crease the corks!
    Rip the glasses and tear the plates!
    That’s what Bilbo Bag-gins hates!

    Cut the cloth and doodle on fat!
    Leave the scraps on the bedroom mat!
    Pour the glue on the pantry floor!
    Splash water on every door!

    Flush the crocks down the toilet bowl!
    Fill them up full of pencil-holes!
    When you are finished, if any are whole,
    Crumple them, throw them, watch them roll

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