Origami Yoda: The Series

Welcome to the official website for Origami Yoda: The Series!

Based on the books by Tom Angleberger, this web series chronicles the adventures of Origami Yoda’s advice at McQuarrie Middle School, and then, the conquest of Darth Paper.
Featuring a cast of SuperFolders and fans alike, this series also features author Tom Angleberger himself, playing the fan-favorite character, Mr. GoodCleanFun.

Season 1 has been released on YouTube, and Season 2’s episodes are being released currently.


About JC

I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on OrigamiYoda.com, and Webmaster of OrigamiChewbacca.WordPress.com!
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145 Responses to Origami Yoda: The Series

  1. SuperBlogger Landon says:

    I do’n get what is going on here I thought I played Dwight in this episode you didn’t give time to send it in.

  2. SuperBlogger Landon says:

    Well you did but not enough.

  3. SF firk says:

    dude,can I be murky!

  4. AWESOMENESS says:


    (all I need is a white crayon…)

  5. AWESOMENESS says:

    Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

  6. AWESOMENESS says:


    Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

  7. soon-to-be-Superfolder Darth Ewok says:

    would u mind if i kind of copied u theres a school dance coming up lots of oy fans and a perfect opportunity to film oy and the night of fun

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      SURE!!! If you wanna use my script and cast actors for the main characters, go right ahead! I can edit it and put it on YouTube! It’ll be the NEW Origami Yoda and the Night of Fun!

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      You could cast other fans as Tommy, Kellen, Harvey, Sara, Dwight, Mark the Seventh Grader, Hannah, ANYONE YOU WANT!!!

  8. Sf Robby says:

    *eats chalk from site background.

  9. Sf Robby says:

    JC, did you read my appology on the OY.com tragic death.

  10. Sf Robby says:

    Everyone, the oyit is back!

  11. bobafett170 says:

    how do you become a super folder

  12. sf nick the great says:

    jc i need your help i want to make the advenchures of captain foldy pants the seires with you but i need to use the site i mean you make oy post while i make cp post but also ill need your help on making the seires i dont know how to cobine peeple saying stuff like you do. please help me

  13. Hey josh! It’s me SF Grant from the wiki is Any person going to be Dwight for origami Yoda and the twist? If not ill shoot you an audition

    P.S. can I be in a Darth paper trailer?

    P.P.S. you didn’t make me an admin yet I’m really exited sorry I haven’t contributed much I am busy with school work, homework, and projects

    -SF Grant
    from the wiki

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      Hey Grant! Dude, I really don’t know how to make you an admin. If it helps, I would TOTALLY give you the position if I could!

      As for Dwight, we DO have an actor for him. SuperFolder Nolan. But if you would like to be in OY:TS, you can still send in auditions!

  14. Wait why for fortune Wookiee don’t you mean Darth Paper?

    • Maybe you can ask a wikia staff member today or right now!

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      Well, we have a Dwight actor for DP, but we’ll need one for FW…………

      • I thought that all actors are 1 time OscarU Was 2 he left because someone (someone told me) that someone told him to leave you play Harvey it was temporary tony was 1 time and trevor was supposedly involved in a scandle so he was forced to resign. So email me if there is a open spot. Please tell me who you need for the twist and DP. As for FW I’m most likly in tell me the lines in the comments.

  15. Josh who should I audition for who do you need?

    P.S. when is OY and the twist going to be released?

    P.P.S. if the producer cancels email me I would love to produce it to YouTube and world tube.

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      You can audition for anybody! We have most of our roles filled already, but there’s always the chance that someone might drop out?

      OY and The Twist is the most elusive OY episode……… It will be included in the Darth Paper season instead………..

      World Tube?

      • world tube is sort of like youtube but the full version is $2.99 and its limited

        P.S. can i be ben at the end i could show the E-Z Darth Paper instrux as for Dwight in FW send me a script and I am Totally in.

        P.P.S. where did oscarU go what happend somone told me but its sounds fishy so maybe you could explian what happened

        P.P.P.S. can i produce to youtube if the spot opens up

        P.P.P.P.S. are there any filming spots open like director news updater?

        P.P.P.P.P.S Will there be a Origami EU the series if so hurry becuase trevor is also making a origami yoda expanded story Go to Origamieverything.wordpress.com and scroll down and you will see it.

        sorry for so many questions.

      • SuperFolder JC says:

        OscarU left because he left the SF Community. He told me to take his place as Director. We got a new Dwight. Case closed.

        Producing……..well, not yet. It’s kind of packed already.

        Playing Ben……..well, we did cast a Ben……….. He slips my mind at the moment, though. If anyone was promised they could play Ben, please comment below!

        Sorry….no positions open right now………

        Trevor’s……..still online? I thought he left the SF Community!

        And yes, an OY EU series is in development……….. A mini-book series, not web series.

      • Oh definitely he is still on line and quite active to maybe not as much on origamiyoda.com but on his two sites definrtly. Why did you think he left do you know something I don’t! (JK) but yes he is still around.

  16. Hey JC, my. Birthday is tomorrow! With me a very, very, very happy birthday.

    (Maybe a present will be being in the new season of OY the series!)

  17. Is Megan/ Phred you sister?

    P.S. why Did you think trevor left?

  18. Hey josh, am the understudy for Harvey or is it a duel part?

  19. Can you tell me it here? Or send it to the aol email not gmail

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      Sure! That’s fine!

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      I’ll do the aol email, to avoid fans getting spoiled the script!

      • Do you were glasses? Hoe old are you? Are you using that bens Darth paper for the DP series? Will we pretend to switch dps by mood? Why am I asking so many questions?

      • SuperFolder JC says:

        I do not wear glasses in real life. Just a costume. My age…..well……that’s a secret…….. I might be using Ben’s DP……but now that CJ is directing, anything can happen! I have no idea. I think DP will always look the same.

  20. I never got the email try resending it please

    May the Force be with you

  21. can you re-send me it i never got it? and can you email me a pic of your DP for the series?
    please send it to the aol one not gmail.

  22. JC what time do you go to bed so i know when to stop asking so many questions?
    are you Josh Croyle Michaels? Can i send you more origami? is CJ able to fire us? Do you ever (not now) want to maybe FaceTime?

  23. Does CJ live driving range from where you live?

  24. For the DP series when you put names put SF grant from the wiki as please or if you do the thing in the tragic death put Grant Tyler.

  25. hey josh my face time keeps closing out maybe we can do it tomorrow?

  26. What time do you get out of school? (I got picked up early today)

  27. JC can you udder CAST add me instead of just JC as Harvey Cunningham can you make it JC and SF Grant From the wiki as Harvey Cunningham? And can you add me to about Like tony Vergato and adam cox and trevor mcBride, Josh Croyle (etc.) so please can you? i know you probably dont want to but can you make me an admin on this site?

    P.S. can i be on the E.U. council?

      • SuperFolder JC says:

        Hey, Grant, to be honest, I’m thinking about making a new OY:TS WordPress site. I haven’t actually updated this website in a long time! I never really update it! I will put you in on the new website!

        As for the OY EU, sorry, but we’re actually going to be laying off a few EU council members in order to keep the EU more small and simple as apposed to large and uncontrolled.

  28. Hey JC all my friends call me GT like DT but G instead of D. Can you call me that?

    P.S. why did adam cox post that mean thing about trevor on the EU than he wrote an apology then someone deleted it? can you explain did trevor really lie to the EU about his uncle working for 20th century fox?

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      Well, GT, when it comes to JediTrevor, there’s a lot of rumors, but…………. Just dismiss them. All anybody needs to know is that he left.

  29. But why would the Evil Jawa be so mean?

  30. Can you send me the script Please?
    Tell Megan I’m sorry for acussing her.
    Can I be an admin on the new site?

  31. hey JC can you email me the script i haven’t got it please send me it now.

  32. SF Grant from the wiki says:

    hey JC you want to face time now?

  33. SF Grant from the wiki says:

    cab you make the second darth paper trailer soon and post it?

  34. Hey JC can you tell me his email and tell me some stuff about CJ?

  35. Can you please tell me CJ ‘s email.

  36. Hey JC, Can you please tell me CJ ‘s email.

  37. Hey JC can you please, please tell me CJ’s email

  38. Can you tell CJ to email me the script?

  39. Can I be a co-assistant of AC and JC films?

  40. hey JC do you have any idea why trevor kicked me off his site?

  41. and can i be an admin now its been more than a month

  42. origami358 says:

    Where’s Darth Paper the Series? It’s November!

  43. jc,you should get my quavondo tryout soon.

  44. darthshreder says:

    Can I be apart of it? If so who can I be?

  45. SF RockHopper says:

    Can I play Ben in the movie like I was going to in the series?

  46. what about me in the second trailerr

  47. Jessenia says:

    I was just going to send it but I guess I’m not in there

  48. sfrockhopper says:

    When will you send us the script, and will Ben have a bigger part than in the book?

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